Sarakiniko Beach: Exploring Greece’s Enchanting Moonscape on Milos Island

Sarakiniko Beach: Exploring Greece’s Enigmatic Lunar Landscape


Sarakiniko Beach is located on Milos Island in Greece. It stands as an enchanting geological wonder, captivating visitors with its surreal charm. This article will navigate its rich history, the forces that shaped it, and the allure that beckons travellers from around the globe.


The Ancient Tale of Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach is not an ordinary coastal retreat with a history spanning millions of years. After a big volcano explosion nearby, Sarakiniko Beach came into existence. Imagine, hot lava oozing, then cooling down to become these awesome white rocks you see all over the place. It’s like nature’s way of saying. The rhythmic dance of waves, directed by north winds, sculpted these rocks into forms that defy earthly norms.


Geological Marvels Unveiled

The landscape of Sarakiniko is a testament to nature’s artistry. With their gracefully contoured surfaces, the chalk-white rock formations mimic the lunar topography. As you go across the beach, you’ll see rolling peaks and tranquil valleys, offering both adventure and serenity in equal measure.


Embarking on a Lunar Odyssey in Greece

Sarakiniko Beach beckons with its ethereal beauty, transporting visitors to a realm that feels otherworldly. The stark contrast of the white rocks against the deep blue waters creates a scene etched in memory, attracting photographers, nature enthusiasts, and adventurers alike. Little wonder it’s earned the moniker “photographer’s paradise.


Experiencing Sarakiniko Beach

Visit Sarakiniko Beach is an unforgettable experience when exploring Milos Island, and should not be missed for its unparalleled splendor. Here are a few must-do activities:

A. Sunrise and Sunset Photography:

Sarakiniko reveals a captivating play of light during sunrise and sunset. This offers photographers a canvas of soft golden color that paint the iconic rocks in breathtaking glory.


B. Beach Exploration:

Take a walk on the flat rocks and discover secret caves and gaps that make this moon-like place even more mysterious.

C. Moonlit Night:

Experience Sarakiniko under the enchanting glow of the moon, adding an air of mystery and romance to this already magical setting.

D. Snorkeling:

Even though Sarakiniko doesn’t have the usual sandy look, its clear waters are great for snorkeling. You can explore cool rock formations and see interesting sea animals.


Navigating the Journey to Sarakiniko

Getting to Sarakiniko Beach on Milos Island is a breeze, with various transportation options at your disposal:

How to reach Sarakiniko

Reaching Milos Island:

Milos Island is easily accessible by air or sea. Domestic flights from Athens and significant Greek cities operate regularly to Milos Island National Airport (MLO). Alternatively, ferries from Piraeus port or nearby islands like Santorini connect to Milos.

From Milos Airport:

Upon arrival at Milos Airport, a mere 8-kilometer, 15-minute drive takes you directly to Sarakiniko Beach. Renting a car or opting for a taxi ensures a swift journey.

From Milos Port (Adamantas):

Adamantas port serves as the main gateway. Renting a car, grabbing a taxi, or using the public bus system (headed towards Plaka) makes the 5-kilometer journey to Sarakiniko at ease.


There are multiple routes leading to Sarakiniko Beach:

a) Rental Car:

Hiring a rental car is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to explore Milos Island. Many car rental agencies operate out of Adamantas port, and you can quickly collect one upon arrival. Sarakiniko Beach lies approximately 5 kilometers away; driving time takes roughly 10 minutes.

b) Taxi:

Hiring a rental car is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to explore Milos Island. Many car rental agencies operate out of Adamantas port, and you can quickly collect one upon arrival. This Beach lies approximately 5 kilometers away; driving time takes roughly 10 minutes.

c) Public Bus:

Milos Island features an efficient public bus network that links major villages and attractions. If you want to head towards Sarakiniko Beach, look for buses heading in the direction of Plaka (nearest town to Sarakiniko Beach). Once in Plaka, either walk or take a short taxi ride until reaching Sarakiniko.

  • From Other Parts of the Island:

Whether staying on the island or exploring its corners, options like rental cars, taxis, or local buses seamlessly lead to Sarakiniko Beach.

  • Parking at Sarakiniko Beach:

A dedicated parking area awaits at Sarakiniko Beach, ensuring convenience during peak tourist seasons. Arriving early is advised to secure a parking spot.

  • Enjoying Sarakiniko Beach:

Once there, relish the lunar landscape and capture captivating photographs, but tread carefully—comfortable footwear is a must to navigate the sharp rocks.


Tips for Visiting

Here are seven tips to make your visit unforgettable:

Best Time to Visit

Early Morning or Late Afternoon: Beat the crowds and the midday heat by visiting early in the morning or later in the afternoon. This timing also offers the best light for stunning photographs, with the sun casting dramatic shadows across the white rocks.

Pack Right

Water Shoes: The rocky terrain can be tough on feet. Bring water shoes to comfortably explore the beach and its surroundings.

Sun Protection: With minimal shade, sun protection is crucial. Pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun’s rays.

Photography Tips

Golden Hour Magic: For photographers, the golden hours—shortly after sunrise or before sunset—provide the most beautiful light for capturing Sarakiniko’s ethereal beauty.

Explore Angles: Don’t just stick to the beachfront. Climb the rock formations (safely) to find unique perspectives and capture the beach’s lunar landscape.

Swimming and Snorkeling

Calm Waters: The beach is sheltered from the wind, offering calm waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Don’t forget your snorkel gear to explore the underwater life.

Respect the Environment

Leave No Trace: Sarakiniko’s pristine beauty is everyone’s responsibility. Take all trash with you and avoid disturbing natural formations.

Eco-friendly Products: Use biodegradable sunscreen and other eco-friendly products to minimize your environmental impact.

Exploration Beyond the Beach

Hidden Gems: Venture beyond the main beach to discover hidden coves and less crowded spots for a more serene experience.

Sunken Ship: Don’t miss the chance to see the remains of a shipwreck visible from the beach, adding a touch of mystery to your visit.

Stay Hydrated

Bring Water: There are no facilities at Sarakiniko, so bring enough water to stay hydrated throughout your visit..



Sarakiniko Beach witnesses nature’s grandeur, offering an extraordinary panorama of white volcanic rocks against the azure waters. This geological marvel transcends the ordinary beach experience, inviting you to a realm that feels plucked from another dimension. Embrace the magic, and discover a part of our planet that seemingly belongs to another world!




Q: Is Sarakiniko Beach suitable for families with children? 

A: While the rocky terrain may require caution, families can enjoy the beach together. It’s an opportunity for children to explore nature’s wonders.

Q: Can I swim at Sarakiniko Beach? 

A: Yes, you can swim in the clear waters. The seabed is relatively shallow and safe for swimming.

Q: Are there any guided tours to Sarakiniko Beach? 

A: Yes, many local tour operators offer guided excursions to the Beach, providing valuable insights into the geology and history of the area.

Q: Is it possible to camp at Sarakiniko Beach? 

A: Camping is not allowed directly on Sarakiniko Beach, but designated camping areas are nearby.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Sarakiniko Beach? 

A: The best time to visit is during the spring and autumn shoulder seasons when the weather is pleasant, and the beach is less crowded.

Q: Is there an entrance fee for Sarakiniko Beach? 

A: No, there is no entrance fee to access Sarakiniko Beach. It is open to the public

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