Hey Dear readers! My name is Pankaj Das, and I am the founder and contributor of this website. As a traveler with a deep interest in exploring new places around the world, I have created this platform to share my knowledge and insights on travel and tourism. Apart from this I will share my thoughts and experiences during my tours. I will also share tips and tricks to make the travel for tourist convenient and affordable


I have been a solo and group traveler since 2014. I have travelled more than 28 countries as of now (23 solo and 5 group), which includes USA, UK, France, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and many.

I did my MA in tourism studies and have worked in the tourism sector for about 6 years. Apart from a travel blogger, I am also a Digital Marketer, Web Designer, SEO expert and Content Writer


At dasstravelssolo.com I am a firm believer that traveling is about more than traveling to destinations. It’s about experiencing life-changing moments soaking oneself in local customs and traditions and making lasting memories. Through my captivating travel stories, I hope to get you to the heart of each destination while revealing the amazing hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path attractions that will keep you entertained.


As a devoted traveler I’ve had the honor of traveling to several countries and discovering different ways of living. I’m convinced that travel can do more than simply broaden our perspectives. It also gives us valuable life lessons and allows us to grow as individuals.

I’ll share stories about my adventures, as well as advice and suggestions for fellow travelers. If you’re an experienced traveler or just starting your journey, I hope that my blog will offer valuable insights and inspire you to embark on with your journey.

Follow me around across the globe taking each place one at a time. Let’s take a trip and discover the wonders of our planet together!


My Goal

My purpose goes beyond just telling stories My goal is to give you practical knowledge and insight that can make your travels enjoyable and memorable. Whatever your level of experience, whether you’re an experienced traveler or are new to travel, you’ll be able to find numerous tips for the planning of your trip, from preparing the perfect itinerary, to understanding the different cultural and traditional practices and savings tips that will let you experience everything the attractions your destination has to offer without breaking the bank.

European destinations have an important place in my heart, and I’d be thrilled to serve as your guide on your trip through its most stunning areas. From Barcelona’s vibrant streets, Santorini’s historical ruins and Rome’s stunning beaches, I’ll give you a comprehensive overview of must-see spots, the ideal dates to visit, weather conditions that improve your travel experience and the must-see places and moments that will enhance your experience!

Your hotel accommodations can be the difference between a successful or a bad trip, and I know how important it is to find the perfect accommodation away from home. From single adventures to family getaways or searching for a friendly environment My experience will assist you to select accommodations that are designed specifically to suit your preferences for travel.

Join me on this exciting European travel adventure and discover the mysteries of Europe together! Let’s explore cultural treasures as well as savor exquisite food as we explore breathtaking scenery and create unforgettable memories together. Pack your bags to ignite your wanderlust and rely on dasstravelssolo.com as your reliable companion for this amazing trip Bon voyage!



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