Himare Beach Revealed: The Best-Kept Secret of the Albanian Riviera

Exploring Himare Beach: A Hidden Gem on the Albanian Riviera



Himare is an ideal coastal town along the Albanian Riviera, boasting crystal-clear water and spectacular mountains that make this gem worth discovering. We will guide you through the destination based on my own travel experience. Let’s uncover some of Himare’s top attractions, activities, and beaches that make Himare an incredible coastal town! Explore its beauty and charm.


1. Explore Himare’s Beaches

Himare is famous for its gorgeous beaches, each providing a unique experience. From relaxing on the shoreline to thrilling adventures, Himare offers it all. Gjipe Beach offers seclusion by walking along an impressive canyon; Livadhi Beach near Himara Castle’s ruins offers history lovers an ideal combination of culture and natural beauty.


2. Himare’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Explore Himare’s old town to discover its vibrant cultural history—Meander through narrow alleyways. Visit local museums and marvel at traditional architecture that speaks of Himare’s past. Don’t miss Castle Himara for breathtaking panoramic views of both coastline and landscape!


3. Unveiling the Nightlife and Entertainment

Though Himare may not be known for its lively nightlife scene, there are a variety of bars and taverns. They offer cozy yet friendly environments where visitors can taste local delicacies while listening to traditional Albanian music. Himare may not provide as vibrant an experience as some party spots, but it is ideal for those seeking an authentic Albanian experience.


4. Embrace Nature: Outdoor Activities

Himare provides plenty of outdoor activities to satisfy nature enthusiasts. Try mountain biking along stunning coastal routes or go hiking through Llogara National Park nearby, while for an adrenaline rush, try snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking on waterways nearby.


5. Savory Culinary Delights

Treat your palate to delicious Albanian cuisine in Himare’s restaurants and eateries. Enjoy fresh seafood dishes and traditional delicacies while experiencing the warm hospitality of locals – don’t miss tasting “break,” an award-winning pastry filled with cheese, spinach, or meat!


6. Accommodations and Where to Stay

Himare offers numerous accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. Choose a beachfront resort, guesthouse within town streets, or even an elegant boutique hotel for an unforgettable vacation experience.


7. Planning Your Trip to Himare

Before setting off on an adventure to Himare, it is wise to plan your itinerary carefully. Consider the best time and season to visit based on weather and crowd preferences – remember that Himare is a coastal town, with summer being its busiest period and peak visitor season.


How to travel to Himare

There are multiple routes to Himare in Albania, depending on where you’re starting from and your travel preferences. Here’s a general guideline on how to reach this beautiful coastal town:



Tirana International Airport (TIA) is the closest international airport to Himare. From there, you can rent a car or use public transportation to arrive; driving typically takes four to five hours from Tirana. Alternatively, Corfu International Airport in Greece also provides access – bringing you closer than Tirana and ferrying you across to Saranda, followed by bus/taxi transportation directly into Himare.



Regular bus services connect major cities within Albania with Himare. Check the schedule and book tickets ahead; this form of transport is often the more economical solution when commuting across Albania.


Renting a car can be the perfect solution for more freedom and exploring Himare at your own pace. Most roads leading to Himare are in good condition; mountainous routes may present challenging driving conditions. Ensure you possess a valid driver’s license and feel confident driving in Albania.


As previously noted, those from Greece can take a ferry ride from Corfu to Saranda. The ride usually lasts 30-60 minutes, depending on your route and operator. Once at Saranda, take either a bus or taxi directly to Himare.

Private Transport:

Private transport from any point to Himare can also be arranged for added comfort and convenience. While this option might cost more, it provides unparalleled ease.


Before beginning your journey, checking travel advisories, transportation options, and accommodation availability is wise. Himare is an attractive beach town that promises plenty of spectacular sights. Be prepared to enjoy beautiful surroundings and the Mediterranean ambiance once you arrive!

Tips before you travel to Himare

Before Traveling to Himare:

Engage With Local Culture:

Albania’s culture is an intriguing blend of ancient traditions and contemporary influences, making the experience genuinely immersive for visitors. Be sure to learn some vital Albanian phrases and greetings to show your respect to locals. Travelers are always appreciated when taking an interest in local customs and traditions. They like travelers sampling delicious local cuisine and engaging with friendly residents to gain further insights into their way of life or learn their businesses directly from them.


Plan Your Visit:

Himare is open year-round, but the ideal season or month depends entirely on personal choice. Summer brings vibrant nightlife scenes and beach activities; however, spring and autumn offer milder temperatures with smaller crowds for sightseeing tours.


Pack for the Mediterranean Climate:

Prepare for the Mediterranean climate by packing light, breathable clothing suitable for warm temperatures. Don’t forget sun protection items like hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses on beach trips and outdoor explorations. Light jackets are handy during spring or autumn visits when temperatures become more relaxed at night.


Secure Accommodation Early:

Himare hotels and vacation rentals may book quickly during peak tourist seasons, creating last-minute stress. To ensure the place that fits your preferences – such as beachfront views, hillside retreats, or city stays – can easily be found, book as far as possible to guarantee a fantastic Himare experience!


Cash and Currency:

Though many places accept credit cards, having cash can be advantageous when visiting smaller shops, restaurants, or local transport. Albania uses its official currency – the Albanian Lek (ALL). ATMs can be found throughout Himare; for a better experience, we recommend carrying some cash along when venturing further into the field.


Respect the Environment:

Albania takes great pride in maintaining its unspoiled natural beauty, and you can help preserve it during your visit by disposing of any waste properly in designated trash bins. Likewise, always respect any wildlife you encounter on your journeys and pay proper homage.


Himare is an exquisite gem along the Albanian Riviera, boasting an unmatched combination of natural beauty, history, and hospitality. Himare beach offers something unique to all visitors. From adventure seekers to culture enthusiasts and beach bums – stunning beaches, rich history, warm hospitality, and mouthwatering cuisine make Himare an unforgettable coastal town experience. This town promises memories that will outlive any stay there! Pack your bags today and start exploring! Happy adventuring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Albania have nice beaches?

A: Yes, Albania is known for having some beautiful beaches along its Adriatic and Ionian coastlines. These beaches are less crowded compared to more popular European beach destinations, offering visitors a more tranquil experience. Some of the notable beaches in Albania include: Ksamil Beach, Dhërmi Beach, Himarë Beach, Gjipe Beach, Saranda.

Q: How to get to Livadi beach?
A: To reach Livadi Beach, follow these simple steps. First, start from the main town center. Then, head south on the main road for about 2 kilometers. You’ll notice signs directing you towards Livadi Beach. Keep following these signs, and after a short drive, you’ll reach the beautiful beach. If you prefer public transport, there are regular buses that also go to Livadi Beach. Just check the schedule at the town’s bus station. Once you arrive, enjoy the sun, sea, and sand at Livadi Beach!
Q: Does Tirana have a beach?

A: Nope, Tirana doesn’t have a beach. It’s in the middle, not by the sea. For beach vibes, better check out other places along the coast in Albania.
Q: Why is Albania so famous?
A: Albania is cool because it has awesome nature, old stuff to check out, and friendly people. You can chill on beautiful beaches, explore ancient places like Butrint, and enjoy the vibe in cities like Tirana. Albania is like a secret, awesome place for adventures!

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