Paradise Found: Uncovering the Best Beaches in Cannes

Here is the list of 10 best Beaches in Cannes



Situated along the beautiful French Riviera, Cannes exudes an irresistible allure with its luxury lifestyle, prestigious events, and jaw-dropping beaches. If you plan on visiting this coastal haven, prepare to be mesmerized by its magnificent selection of beaches ranging from powdery sands to crystal-clear waters. Each beach provides the ideal combination of relaxation and natural splendor. Join us as we journey through Cannes’ best beaches where complexity and variation reign supreme ensuring an extraordinary beach experience!


Below the list of best Beaches in Cannes

1. Plage de la Croisette: A Haven of Exquisite Elegance

Get ready to be stunned by the legendary Plage de la Croisette beach, an icon of elegance and glamour. Stretching along the iconic Boulevard de la Croisette, this beach captivates visitors with its golden sands and breathtaking Mediterranean backdrop. Experience pure bliss as you unwind under stylish parasols under shade of stylish parasols, dive into refreshing waters of Mediterranean, or bask in sun’s vibrant energy – Plage de la Croisette offers an extraordinary Riviera beach experience unlike anywhere else! With luxurious hotels nearby and chic beach clubs close by promises an extraordinary Riviera beach experience like no other beach experience can.


2. Plage du Midi:

An Ocean-Faced Oasis Set back from the bustle of port life, Plage du Midi provides tranquility in breathtaking natural surroundings. Attracting both locals and visitors alike with its tranquil, relaxed ambiance amidst lush vegetation and turquoise waters, Plage du Midi invites leisurely strolls along its promenade while the gentle sea breeze soothes away stressors and awakens your senses – truly experiencing what relaxation means here in an oasis.


3. Plage de la Bocca:

Where Fun and Nature Converge Looking for an exhilarating beach experience perfect for families and adventure seekers alike? Look no further than Plage de la Bocca near Cannes, offering fun beach volleyball matches, kids constructing sandcastles in pure joy or simply lounging poolside sipping refreshing beverages from beachfront cafes – Plage de la Bocca offers the ideal combination of leisure, pleasure and natural splendor!


4. Plage de la Pointe Croisette:

Plage de la Pointe Croisette is one of the best beaches in Cannes. Finding Peace and Serenity Tucked between Palm Beach and Moure Rouge port lies Plage de la Pointe Croisette – a tranquil beach nestled between palms. Here you can escape the crowds while immersing yourself in serenity surrounded by stunning landscapes. Boasting calm waters that invite a leisurely swim, soft sands beneath your feet or scenic coastal walking opportunities along its idyllic promenade; Plage de la Pointe Croisette offers an unforgettable escape from city center noise!


5. Plage de la Gazagnaire: An Oasis for Explorers

Uncover Plage de la Gazagnaire, situated just east of Palm Beach. This charming yet lesser-known beach offers an ideal oasis and invites you to sink into its unspoiled beauty. From swimming in crystal-clear waters for snorkeling adventures, to peaceful sunbathing sessions on its quiet shore. Plage de la Gazagnaire has something to satisfy everyone’s beach passion – making it a haven for beach enthusiasts of all kinds alike!


6. Plage Mace: Where Convenience Meets Coastal Delight

Conveniently situated nearby the world-famous Palais des Festivals, Plage Mace offers sun seekers an ideal spot for relaxation and taking in some sunrays. Boasting soft sands and shimmering waters, this public beach is popular among both locals and visitors. Take a leisurely swim in its inviting waters before spreading out on a comfortable towel to take in its vibrant atmosphere or participating in beachside activities. Indulge yourself at nearby restaurants/cafes when hunger strikes – perfecting its charm while basking under its allure!


7. Plage du Casino: Unwind Amid Scenic Beauty

Nestled in the idyllic neighborhood of Palm Beach, Plage du Casino invites visitors to unwind in its relaxed atmosphere. Amid breathtaking scenery such as Lerins Islands and Esterel Mountains, Plage du Casino boasts beautiful sights which add charm. Sink your toes into its golden sands or take refreshing dips into its gentle waves. Unleash your adventurous side through thrilling water sports activities like paddleboarding or kayaking. Plage du Casino offers an unforgettable experience surrounded by natural beauty!


8. Plage du Moure Rouge: A Charming Beach Escape

Situated near Port Canto, Plage du Moure Rouge provides an inviting beach escape. Surrounded by lush vegetation and offering panoramic views of the bay and Lerins Islands, this beach creates an idyllic environment for relaxation. Enjoy calm waters and soft sand that transport you into a state of serenity, perfect for families or individuals in search of peace. Enjoy dining at beachfront restaurants as you take in your surroundings with their exquisite Mediterranean cuisine while immersing yourself in its beauty.


9. Plage de la Casino Barriere Offers Luxury and Exclusivity by the Shore

Situated next to Casino Barriere, Plage de la Casino Barriere provides an exclusive beach experience characterized by luxury and exclusivity. Boasting soft sands and translucent turquoise waters, this beach provides a tranquil haven for beachgoers seeking an indulgent beach experience. Unwind on comfortable sun loungers while receiving attentive service. Surrender yourself to its refined ambiance; soak up some sun or cool off by jumping in the sea; Plage de la Casino Barriere guarantees an indulgent beach experience unmatched by any other.


10. Plage de la Palm Beach:

Where Vibrancy Meets Coastal Charm Situated at Cannes‘ eastern end, Plage de la Palm Beach is renowned for its lively atmosphere and breathtaking surroundings. Perfect for adventure seekers looking to try jet skiing and paddleboarding activities, its special charm is further enhanced by the iconic Palm Beach Casino which adds another element of glamour. Bring out your adventurous side, soak up some sun, and be entertained! Come to Plage de la Palm Beach – it awaits your visit.


As you go on your journey of discovery of Cannes’ top beaches, prepare to be amazed by their diversity and charm. From Plage de la Croisette to Plage de la Gazagnaire – each beach offers something different, blending natural beauty with French Riviera charm in unique ways. Immerse yourself in sun-drenched shores while feeling the caress of sea breeze, and let Cannes show its magic as you create lasting memories in its picturesque beaches – and make Cannes your ultimate beach paradise.


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