Unlocking the Secrets of Keri Caves: A Global Explorer’s Guide

Exploring Keri Caves, Zakynthos Island: A Greek Adventure



Hey, fellow traveller! Let’s dive into the beauty of Keri Caves on Zakynthos Island, Greece. These caves are like a magical story of nature’s charm. Come with me as we uncover the secrets of Keri Caves and find the treasures they hold.



Keri Caves are on the southwest coast of Zakynthos Island. It is a part of the Ionian Islands in Greece. It’s near the village of Keri, about 20 kilometres southwest of Zakynthos Town. You can reach them by land or sea, with boat tours from places like Laganas and Agios Sostis.


Other Names:

Locals lovingly call them “Blue Caves” because of the stunning blue colours on the cave walls caused by sunlight reflecting off the clear waters.


Known For:

Keri Caves are famous for their stunning beauty, with amazing light and water effects. Perfect for photographers and nature lovers.



Bring essentials like water, sunscreen, and sturdy shoes. Facilities are limited.



No lifeguards since it’s open sea. Be careful, especially in the water.



Crowds vary by season. More visitors from June to August. Quieter times during the shoulder seasons.



Ample parking near the entrance. Arrive early to avoid crowds.



Usually, it is free, but guided boat tours may have a charge. Check with local operators.


How to Reach Keri Caves:

Zakynthos Island is accessible by air and sea. The island’s airport, Dionysios Solomos Airport, receives flights from major European cities. From Zakynthos Town, drive south towards Keri Village, the gateway to the caves. Alternatively, numerous boat tours operate from Laganas and Agios Sostis, offering a scenic route to Keri Caves.


Nearby Attractions:

Shipwreck Beach (Navagio):

Just a boat ride away, Navagio Beach with its iconic shipwreck is a must-visit. The juxtaposition of the wreck against the white sand and turquoise waters is a sight to behold.


Marathonisi Island:

Known as Turtle Island, this nature reserve is home to the endangered loggerhead sea turtles. Take a boat trip to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.



1. Participation in Local Festivals: Join local celebrations if your visit aligns with festivals.

2. Market Exploration in Keri Village: Check out local markets for crafts and Greek treats.

3. Boat Tours: Explore the caves with a boat tour for a magical experience.

4. Snorkeling: Dive into crystal-clear waters to discover marine life.

5. Exploration of Navagio Beach: Visit the iconic beach with a shipwreck.

6. Visit Marathonisi Island: Sail to the nature reserve for a chance to see sea turtles.


Best Time to Visit:

Late spring to early autumn for pleasant weather and favourable sea conditions.


Local Festivals and Events:

Celebrate the Zakynthos Carnival in February for a cultural touch.


Insider Tips:

  • Morning Magic: Explore the caves in the morning for a soft sunrise glow.
  • Snorkel Smart: Bring snorkelling gear for the underwater wonders.


Explore markets in Keri Village for handmade crafts and Greek treats.


Travel Itinerary:

– Day 1:

– Morning: Explore Keri Caves with a boat tour

– Afternoon: Visit Navagio Beach and enjoy the sun

– Evening: Wander through Keri Village, trying local delicacies


– Day 2:

– Morning: Boat trip to Marathonisi Island

– Afternoon: Relax on the island’s beaches

– Evening: Enjoy a seaside dinner with a view



Q: Where are the Blue Caves located?

A: It is on the southeast coast of the Greek island of Kastellorizo.

Q: Why is the Blue Cave famous?

A: Formed by seawater eroding limestone, a rock Biševo island is wholly composed of.

Q: How do I reach Keri Caves from the city center?

A: The most convenient way is by hiring a local guide or renting a car. The scenic drive adds to the overall experience.

Q: Are there any entrance fees to access Keri Caves?

A: No, Keri Caves are accessible to visitors for free. However, certain boat tours and activities may have associated costs.

Q: Can I swim inside the caves?

A: Swimming inside the caves is not recommended due to safety reasons. However, there are designated areas for water activities nearby.

Q: What should I pack for a day trip to Keri Caves?

A: Essentials include sunscreen, comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, and a camera to capture the breathtaking scenery.

Q: Are there guided tours available at Keri Caves?

A: Yes, local guides offer insightful tours, providing valuable information about the geological and ecological significance of the caves.

Q: Is Keri Caves suitable for family outings?

A: Absolutely! The natural beauty and mild adventures make Keri Caves an ideal destination for families seeking a harmonious blend of relaxation and exploration.



Keri Caves offers a symphony of colours and natural wonders, leaving an unforgettable mark on every visitor’s heart. Let the stories of ancient tales and the gentle waves of the Ionian Sea guide you through this magical place. May your journey be filled with laughter, awe, and the warmth of Greek hospitality as you uncover the enchantment of Keri Caves on Zakynthos Island.

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